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We offer Invoice Gateway, a free, secure electronic invoice system. Once you enroll you can view, sort, and download invoices and statements with proof of delivery from the last 24 months. You can link accounts, make payments online via electronic check, schedule future payments, and view open balances. Get started today!

Enrollment is Easy

To enroll in Invoice Gateway, have your enrollment token code number ready—you'll only need this once. Enrollment tokens are printed on the top of your invoice or monthly statement. View a sample token.

The account token code used to register will be considered the Account Administrator. The Administrator can then create multiple users and assign permissions for viewing invoices and statements.

Paperless Invoices—View and Pay Your Invoices Online 24/7

As of May 30, 2015, we have gone completely paperless! If you would like to receive a monthly statement you must elect to receive it via email or fax. You can opt to go paperless through our Invoice Gateway portal.

Invoice Gateway lets you sign in and manage invoices in one central system. Learn how easy it is to pay your invoices, by watching these videos. Watch Videos

Email Notifications

Once you are enrolled in Invoice Gateway you will receive email alerts letting you know invoices are ready. You can also choose to have PDF invoices emailed or faxed to you. However, the default delivery option is an email notification without PDF attachment.

To request PDF attachments or invoices to be faxed, please contact Credit Services at 1-800-798-8888.**

To learn more about our online payment service by Invoice Gateway visit our frequently asked questions or watch the help videos.

**Enroll in Invoice Gateway first, please allow 24 business hours for your account to be updated with the new delivery method.

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Find the resources you need to help you register for Invoice Gateway and link your accounts.

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